Moving during the winter months requires only a little extra care and preparation to go well. Here are our top suggestions for moving throughout the winter months.

Hire Melbourne Furniture Removalists

SAM Movers N Packers has a team of expert Melbourne removalists who know how to properly relocate furniture and valuables items during the winter months. Our moving supplies include everything you’ll need, including heavy-duty blankets and moving boxes. Our trucks and vans are always maintained to the highest standards, ensuring safe travel in any weather, including winter rains. But it’s not just about the trucks and equipment; our Furniture Removalists Melbourne are highly trained professionals. Our Top Removalists Melbourne know how to move in the rain, hail, and shine while keeping your belongings dry and secure. Moving by yourself in the winter may be difficult because of the bad weather, and this is particularly true if you have rented a vehicle with no prior truck driving expertise, which makes it risky to drive in heavy rain.

Take Care of Walls and Floors

During the winter months, the weather might change at any moment, especially in Melbourne. Use heavy-duty blankets and utilised papers on top of them to prevent sliding on wet surface when moving into your new house. When you’re relocating, put them in the places where the most people will see them. It is important to protect the whole floor, whether it is made of wood or tiles, since dirt and muck will find their way wherever. Rain may readily enter through the front entrance since the doors will be left open frequently. If you can, cover the flooring and walls of the house you’re leaving, so you don’t have to worry about additional cleaning fees.

The Most Effective Packing Materials

If you’re relocating in damp weather, plastic moving containers will keep your valuables far more protected than cardboard ones. Our environmentally friendly plastic boxes are watertight, and they include lids to keep the goods safe from the weather. Unlike cardboard boxes that would break apart during the rain or plastic boxes that will shatter when exposed to moisture, these boxes are sturdy and durable. We will also deliver our plastic boxes to your doorstep and pick them up once you have moved, all at no additional cost to you!

The Utilities Must Be Linked to the New Home.

If you can, set up utilities like gas and electricity the day before moving in, or make sure they’re on moving day if you can’t. On your first night, you don’t want it to be frosty and dreary. In addition, running the heaters while moving allows you to air out the house as if they haven’t been used in a while, with the movers and boxes coming in open doors. When gas heaters or wall heaters are turned on for the first time in a while, they may emit a noxious odour.

Maintain Your Warm Clothing Packed!

Winter clothing should be stored in a box in your trunk, neatly labelled, and easily accessible. Just a few days’ worthy of winter wear, as well as necessities like umbrellas and boots, are required. There’s no need to worry about getting out of the house the day after moving if you have your warm clothes and coat ready for the stroll to the local coffee shop!There’s no need to fear moving in the winter, since SAM Movers N Packers makes it simple and protects your furniture and possessions from rain and snow. For a free quote, call  0476165724 today, or contact us online to book your move.