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Pool tables are big, heavy, and clumsily shaped, with a fabric surface that is readily damaged by sharp edges. It is not a task for the unskilled or ill-equipped to move a pool table. That’s why you’ll need a professional that knows how to move pool tables securely and effectively.

Over the last several years, Sam Movers N Packers has relocated hundreds of pool tables to their new homes in the family room upstairs, the games area in the basement, the garage, or the beach house. Because most pool tables must be partly removed in order to be transported, you’ll need a professional with knowledge and expertise in the area who will take additional care and attention to detail.

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Pool Table Movers Melbourne

Because pool tables are very big, heavy, and oddly shaped objects with a fragile fabric top that may easily be destroyed, transporting one is not a task for the unskilled or ill-equipped. Pool table relocation has been a specialty of Sam Movers N Packers for many years. Each project we work on is unique in its own way and requires our undivided attention to every detail.

For pool table relocation, Sam Movers N Packers in Melbourne is a secure and dependable option. Our highly skilled and courteous personnel, who are trained in the specialised field of pool table removals, ensure that your pool table will be handled securely at all times. The weight of a pool table may range from a few hundred kilos to several thousand kg. As a result, our large fleet includes vehicles with specially designed hydraulic tailgate lifts, enabling these especially heavy and fragile goods to be easily carried in and out. Your pool table will also be transported and safeguarded using specialised equipment to avoid any needless and undesired harm to the object and its surroundings.

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