Moving house is one of the most difficult things you can do in your life. Being properly organized and hiring expert removalists Melbourne like Sam Movers N Packers are the greatest ways to ensure a successful move. We want to make your relocation as stress-free as possible, so you can start enjoying your new home right away.

We’ve prepared a short and step-by-step moving house checklist to assist you in settling into your new home.

The following are some of the most crucial actions to take while relocating to Australia:

  • Receive a no-obligation quote in your own home.
  • Decide whether the packing will be done by you or the removalists.
  • Pack your belongings and declutter your home.
  • All service and utility companies should be contacted.
  • Other reminders to keep in mind before moving day.
  • It’s time to relocate!

Locating a Respectable Removalists: 

Also, ask family and friends, and make sure the company is accredited with Sam Movers N Packers. Visit company websites to make sure the company you choose has more than just a phone number as a contact and a physical address, not simply a post office box. You’ll be able to avoid shady fly-by-night operations if you do this.

Make a phone call to the company or companies you’ve picked. Reputable firms will answer your call with grace and politeness and will be able to advise you on how to proceed with your relocation.

Request a No-Obligation In-House Quote:

Even if you’re simply moving across town, having a representative from a licensed removalists Melbourne  company visit you and your home is the best way to get a quote. This enables the moving business to provide you with the most accurate and complete estimate possible.

When the representative arrives, he or she will inspect the access to your property, noting:

  1. Driveways that are steep or narrow
  2. Branches that droop over the edge
  3. Stairs
  4. Size and accessibility of the lift
  5. Any other stumbling blocks
  6. Vehicle requirements for ferries

They’ll perform an inventory of your items and things once they’ve entered your home, noting:

The total number of boxes to be packed as well as the type of boxes to be packed  

The total amount of items to be transported

Any things that would necessitate the use of specialized packing materials, such as crates

Any objects that are bulky or difficult to transport 

In addition, the representative will talk about:

  • Dates and times of settlement
  • Insurance
  • Whether you need storage for a long or short time, we can help.
  • Options for packing and unpacking
  • Your new property’s accessibility

The agent will be able to offer you the most accurate quote for your move after gathering all of this information. In most cases, the quotation will be available right away, but in rare cases, it may be necessary to email it to you within 24 hours.

The only time you won’t need an in-home inspection is if you’re only moving a few things. In this scenario, you can give the list to the removals business over the phone or through their online quotation platform, and they will give you a quote.

Decide if you’ll do the packing yourself or hire removalists:

Packing your stuff, whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or the world, maybe a difficult chore. Removalists Melbourne professionals in packing your stuff and can relieve you of the stress by doing it for you.

Many folks will choose to pack their “breakables” with Sam Movers N Packer. Professional removalists Melbourne will box your kitchen utensils, ornaments, and other fragile objects. Other clients would rather not pack at all, while others would want to pack everything themselves. Reputable removalists in Melbourne will also be able to help you unpack your belongings.

The representative that supplied you with your quote will also be able to arrange for the delivery of fresh boxes, tape, and packing paper to your location.

Pack and declutter your home: 

We all have them. No one wants to bring them up. They’re the boxes that follow you from house to house and are never opened, much less unpacked. Open those boxes before your next move to see if you need what’s inside. Are you likely to use it again… even if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months?

Declutter! Make use of the council’s hard waste collection services. Many councils will let you schedule a one-time collection if it falls outside their regular collection schedule. Hire a skip, donate to a good cause, and have your grown children create their boxes of childhood memories. Declutter!

The cost of removal is determined by the number of items being moved. The less you take with you, the less money you’ll spend on your relocation.

Start tidying and packing as soon as possible before your move. Begin in the house’s least-used room and work your way through, room by room. You’ll feel more accomplished and less overwhelmed as a result of this.

Start with the objects that are utilized the least and pack one room at a time.

Make sure the box’s bottom is properly taped – you can never have too much tape!

The box’s flaps should not overlap. Close the opposing sides at the same time and tape across the outside in both directions.

Use the appropriate box size!

Crockery, ornaments, shoes, toys, linen, clothes, and other medium-weight items can all be packed in standard cartons.

Mirrors and photos go in picture cartons.

Other Important Reminders Before Moving Day:

The refrigerator and freezer should be emptied and cleaned.

Notify your neighbors of your impending move, and leave enough parking space in front of your house for the moving van.

Make sure you’ve finished all of your backings and that all containers are securely packed and labeled with contents or room destinations before moving day.

Plan where you want your furnishings to go in your new home.

Moving Day: 

The business day before your move, your removalists Melbourne will contact you to let you know when the moving vehicle will arrive at your home.

The big day has finally arrived!

You should be fully packed and ready to travel if you follow the steps above. The movers will load the moving van with care and competence; it’s astonishing how much they can cram into a vehicle!